Woodpecker Class Sitting Volleyball Report


On Thursday 12th November, in the school hall at Fringford, there was a wonderful display of sporting skill. Led by Mrs Kirkwood of Cooper School, Woodpecker class took part in a festival of sitting volleyball.

It all began outside with Mrs Rowe and Miss Gardner taking us out for a quick warm up before we started practising. We had to throw and catch beach balls in our groups of 6 and 7. It was great fun but really difficult because the wind was really strong. It kept blowing the balls so that we couldn’t catch them.

After a short practise outside we decided to go into the hall. We carried on practising but this time we had to either sit or kneel. We weren’t allowed to stand up! It was much easier inside.

Each team was trying to be victorious as the tournament began. Each game was up to 15 points. To get a point, they needed to get the ball inside the other team’s area. Every team played 3 games, 5 points for a win and 1 for a loss. The final set of games went to a nail-biting finish. The last game went to 14 all before a decisive hit of the ball saw the blues. This meant that overall, there was joint first place and joint third place. It was a thrilling morning enjoyed by all who took part!

Reported by Woodpecker Class