PE Vision Statement

At Fringford C of E Primary School, we strive to provide all children with a wealth of opportunities to develop their Physical Literacy. Developing cross-curricular links with PE and using physical activity to develop the ‘whole child’, including their health and social and emotional well-being, is central to our vision for whole school development and has a positive link to improving confidence, social skills, attitude and academic achievement of our children.

From an early age competitive sport is nurtured and encouraged and children are regularly involved in intra and inter school competitions.

The evidence is strong; healthy and active pupils are effective learners and that the social and emotional well-being of pupils goes hand in hand with raising achievement.

We strive to achieve a sense of well-being, drive and enjoyment through Physical Education.  The children are actively motivated to appreciate the positive effects of a healthy, active lifestyle and are able to develop confidence, express their feelings and raise self-esteem/image through Physical Education, as it is a subject that does not depend on academic ability.


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