Admission Applications

Parents can apply for a school place on-line at Please remember that it is the responsibility of parents/carers to apply for a school place. Parents have the opportunity to list three different preferences for a school place and it is strongly advised that all three preferences are used.


Here are some common questions parents sometimes ask in connection with admissions:

  1. When do I have to apply for a place for our child?

You must make an application for your child to start primary school for the first time in the Autumn Term after your child’s third birthday (even if your child already attends a Nursery which is part of a school).


  1. Would it be possible for us to come and look round Fringford CE Primary School before we apply for a place for our child?

We would be very happy to offer you a tour of our school and answer any questions you may have. Please phone the school office on 01869 277397 or email to make an appointment. You are about to make an important family decision, and we believe it essential that you visit any school you are considering for your child. If you live outside the catchment area, you are still welcome to come and see us. We do, however, advise you to visit your own catchment area school as well.


  1. How do I apply for a place at Fringford CE Primary School?

All admissions for primary school places are administered by the Local Authority (LA). Application for the Foundation Stage or for other year group transfers can be completed online.


  1. What happens if I move into the area and I would like my child to attend Fringford CE Primary School?

We are very happy to admit children into the school at any stage in their primary education if a place is available – application for a place needs to be made through the Local Authority.


  1. How are places at the school decided?

School places are allocated by the LA. The Admission Rules available on the Oxfordshire County Council website give more detail about how places are decided.  Although catchment is one of the ways that places at schools are decided, if you do not live in the school catchment area, please do not let this deter you from applying.


  1. What happens if there are too many applications?

There are specific criteria published by the LA which apply to the allocation of places in an over-subscribed school. More information is available from the Admissions Team. Parents have the right to appeal if their request for a place is turned down – full details are available on the County Council website.


  1. Can I appeal if my child is not offered a place?

Yes – you have the right of appeal to a local appeals committee if your application for a place for your child is refused by the LA. Details of how to do this will be sent at the time of notification of places by the LA.


  1. When will my child start school?

Most children joining Reception start at school at the beginning of the autumn term (September). However, children do not have to start full time education at school until the term after their fifth birthday, and some families decide to defer their children’s entry to school. If a parent wishes to defer their child’s admission to school they should contact the school to discuss the implications of this.