At Fringford C of E Primary School, we believe that PE should provide inspiring opportunities for ALL pupils to be physically confident and active in ways that support their health, fitness and wellbeing. A high-quality PE curriculum should inspire pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sports and other physically active activities. We believe that providing our pupils with such opportunities, will foster in them values such as respect and fairness and will give them physical literacy skills so they can enjoy a life-long love of sport and being active.


  • To develop our pupils competency, enabling them to excel in a broad range of physical activities. Pupils will develop their fundamental movement skills to become confident in moving with agility, balance and coordination.
  • To help our pupils develop and apply their skills in different physical activities and sports with increasing competence and confidence.
  • To ensure our pupils are active for sustained periods of time in a range of increasingly challenging situations.
  • To ensure our pupils are engaged in competitive sports and activities, enjoying communicating, collaborating and competing against others and themselves.
  • Through the use of MyPB, our pupils will;
    – develop and apply life skills that will help them flourish in PE, school and wider life
    – improve health, wellbeing and personal skills
    – grow an understanding of working with others (social skills)
    – create opportunities, overcome challenges and make choices (thinking skills)
    – increase their potential achievement and readiness for life.
  • To ensure our pupils are inspired to lead healthy, active lifestyles for life.



  • PE is taught as a discrete subject yet we strive to thread the ‘being active’ message across ALL subjects, encouraging active learning where possible. Our curriculum is designed to progressively develop the children’s skills. The children will progressively acquire and apply their physical literacy skills in each Key Stage.
  • Lessons are taught twice weekly by the class teacher using high quality resources and assessment from Complete PE. In all lessons, children are guided, supported or stretched according to their abilities and learning styles.
  • We use Complete PE to map our curriculum over a two-year cycle to ensure our teaching is progressive, consistent and broad. We use Complete PE to assess our children’s Physical Education, Physical Activity and Swimming. We also assess our children’s thinking and planning skills, leadership and health and wellbeing.
  • Through our partnership with North Oxfordshire School Sports Partnership, we have a continuous offer of competitive sports and targeted festivals.
  • During breaktimes, Year 5 and 6 young leaders provide opportunities for our younger children to be more active through carefully thought-out games and activities.



  • Children acquire the appropriate age-related knowledge and skills linked to the PE curriculum, which enables them to make good progress from their starting points.

EYFS and Key Stage 1

Pupils should master basic fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, throwing and catching as well as their agility, balance and coordination skills and begin to apply these in a range of activities. They should participate in team games and perform simple movement patterns.

Through the use of MyPB, children in Foundation Stage and KS1 will begin to develop personal skills such as concentration, fairness, self-belief, honesty and courage.

Key Stage 2

Pupils should be taught previous skills in insolation and in combinations in competitive games (modified) and apply attacking and defending principles. They should perform a range of movement patterns with developing strength, flexibility, technique and control. Pupils should take part in challenge activities and be able to compare their performances and demonstrate how they can improve/achieve their best. They must also be able to swim competently and confidently over 25m using a range of strokes.

Through the use of MyPB children in KS2 will continue to develop the skills introduced in EYFS and KS1 and develop further personal skills such as resourcefulness, problem solving, evaluation, respect, cooperation, resilience and self-motivation.

Many of these link into our whole school values of respect, resourcefulness, resilience and reflection.

All of this will lead to our children being physically literate, having the skills and confidence to take part in sports and activities. They will develop a love of being active and an understanding of the importance of being active and healthy to stay well, which they will take with them throughout their lives.

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