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Pupil's PE Reports

Report on cricket tournament – 12/5/17

Chesterton Cricket Ground

Bicester Area School Competition

Girls’ team captain: "the girls played very well, we had some very tricky games also we were the only girls’ team to bowl over-arm. We were all very tired after the game but we were still very happy. When we got to the scoring table we realised that they hadn’t added up the girls score yet we had to wait four days to find out and when we did we got to the county finals!” –Ella Fagg

Team B Captain : "I am very proud of the B team because they never gave up and they kept trying and there wasn’t any arguing. Because of the bad weather the ball kept skidding along the ground and we fielded brilliantly. We came second and we are proud of it!!!!” – Joseph  Reardon

Team A Captain: "I cannot explain how proud I am of the boys, they did superbly even when decisions didn’t go our way, we didn’t let our heads drop. In the last game, we had to win to get to the county finals.  The pressure was on but WE DID IT!!”- Jake Fagg         

Athletic competition report – 1/1/17

We all really enjoyed taking part in this competition.

1.    Obstacle course. The people who took part in this race enjoyed working as a team.

2.    Over And Under. Everyone Enjoyed This Race Even With A Few Bumps And Bruises

3.    Foam Javelin. This Was Really Fun Activity To Take Part In

4.    High jump. This was amazing activity. the people who took part loved this activity

5.    Long jump. This was so fun. Everybody loved this activity

6.    Speed bounce. This was amazing we all loved it

7.    Chess push .This was so fun

8.    Triple jump. this was really hard but fun at the same time

9.    Palaaf. this was really hard but exiting

    10. Relays. These were amazingly fun

The people who got the passion award, Flora and Dominic A, are very proud of their achievement. Overall this was an amazing competition and we all enjoyed ourselves.


By Iona C-P and Chelsie J

Multi skills – 25/1/17

At multi skills we had so much fun. The Year 8’s ran it and they were great. It was done at Cooper school in Bicester. The first room was the lecture theatre and the second room was the gymnasium. We got there at about 9.10am and it started at about 9.15 and ended at about 12.00pm.  The activities in the lecture theatre were hurdles, bowling, zig-zag run, Murray’s tennis challenge, cricket throw and stepping stones. The activities in the gymnasium that we did were ladders, ball throw, beanbag hoop, balance beam, Ronaldo’s penalty shoot and Owen Farrell’s rugby challenge.

We won nearly every event out of 4 schools in Oxfordshire, congratulations Fringford!!!

Rhoda & Eve – Class 3


1.     Firstly everyone  got to school at 8:50.

2.     Secondly we got into partners and got on the coach.

3.     Then,  off  we went to cooper school!

4.     Next we got into our teams and went to the Astro Turf and did our warm ups, they were: heel flicks and opening the gates, and some other warm ups.

5.     After the warm ups we started the matches and there was team A, team B and team C.

6.     Team C played the first game and they lost 1 nil unlucky team C better luck next  time, in the second game team B played and they lost 2 nill unfortunately.

7.     A bit later team A played and they won 4 nill, then team B played.

8.     And in total we played 15 games altogether.

9.     It was a great day because everyone was involved.  We had fun!

Beth and Frankie – Class 3

Cross country

21st September 2016, Fringford participated in a Cross country, The people who took part in it were Me/Charlie B, Hans B, Tommy F, Nathan, Frankie, Matthew H, Tilly, Charlie F And Jimmy F.

Me and Hans think we both came in the Top 20,we told that to Frankie and he said that means we`re through to the next round,

Me and Hans don`t think there is a next round and because we all ran different distances.

The distances for Year 2 were 600m, Year 3 and 4 ran 1000m and Year 5 and 6 ran 1400m.

Near the end me and Hans fell over, but then we went to finish the race and we went back home.


Quad Kids

On the 8th of June as KS2 we went to the Quad kids competition at Cooper school. The event consisted of: standing long jump, long run, sprint and Vortex throw. Class3 won their category and Charlie Bacon won year three and four; Chelsea Janko won her category and Lilly Dalton came 3rd .But the most important thing is everyone had fun. 

We all felt nervous at the start when we got into the swing of the competition we had fun but at the end we were all really tired. But overall we all had a great time and were looking forward to getting back to school. 

Isaac and Luke

Kwik Cricket Report



The Bicester and North Oxford cricket club held their annual kwik cricket tournament. This was the tenth tournament; the tournament was split in to three leagues, the boys’ A league, the boys B and C league and the girls’ league. This year was the largest kwik cricket tournament so far. It was held on the 13th of May 2016. The winner of the boys A league was Fringford, the winner of the boys B and C league was Glory farm C and the winners of the girls league was Langford. The Fringford boys A team (The Dabbers) are going to the boys county finals. Langford girls’ team are going to the girls county finals. The tournament was hosted by Mrs Allen with help from the yr8 – yr10 from cooper secondary school. Everyone enjoyed it lots, not just the winners. Jack, Ella and Josh won the certificate for the spirit, which was passion.   

By Max & Harry

Multi Skills Festival



Hello readers, today class3 went to a festival and were split into three different teams A, B and C. There were nine different activities each at a different station. We particularly enjoyed station 5 where you stood on a bench and caught a ball or a beanbag.  Every school did very well and the young leaders were very helpful. At the end they announced the scores and Fringford got five out of nine! Well done Fringford. If there was an over all of the scores then Fringford would have come first. 

By Jessica and Beth 

16TH March 2016

The Monday Mile



Monday’s Mile is a great way to get key stage 2 active.

The idea came from sports week in 2015.

 Class 4 ran 1 mile each day for 5 days straight.

 Mrs Fidler developed the idea and turned it so every Monday (or another day in the week, if the weather is miserable), class 4 can completed a mile each week.

Class 3 decided that they would like to join in. So on Monday afternoon, most of key stage 2 run a mile for their own health.

As much as it helps key stage 2 keep healthy, it also helps Mrs Fidler train.

Go Monday’s Mile!

Reported by  Taylor  Symons on the 17th of December 2015. 

Climbing the Burj Khalifa

Mrs Fidler set Class 4 a challenge to climb the Burj Khalifa (not actually going to Dubai of course). This is the tallest building in the world, which has exactly 3,000 steps. Our task was to step on and off an aerobic step with two feet; making sure that our whole foot was on. This counted as one step.

Mrs Fidler paired us with a partner and gave us a narrow chart with 100 rows. One row was the equivalent to 30 steps, for each 30 steps we completed one row got coloured in.

Class 3 are now going to take on the challenge to climb the Burj Khalifa.

Will Class 3 complete the challenge?

By Lilly Dalton

Class 4




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