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Celebration Assembly

All parents and carers welcome for Celebration Assembly at 9.15am in the school hall

Class 3

Welcome to Class Three

A couple of quick notices:
Homework is handed out on a friday and expected back in on a wednesday.

Handwriting at home is given out on a Friday and expected back in the following Wednesday.

Children are given a spelling sheet at the beginning of the week that they can take home and learn all week. There is a spelling test on a Friday morning. we also work on our spellings at school every morning but getting extra practice at home is encouraged!

Term 5

During this short term the children will be learning about adventure stories and persuasive writing! We will be writing a letter to the head teacher regarding a specific topic and the children will use all of the skills learnt in order to produce an impressive (and persuasive!) piece of writing.

We will be looking at place value, addition and subtraction problems involving money and area and perimeter during this term! 
The maths homework is closely linked to work within school and any extra practice the children can get at home on their times tables this term, the better!

Our Science topic is Solids, Liquids and Gases! The children will be learning about particles and completing a fun experiement linked to our topic work.

Our topic for the long Summer term is: The Mayan Civilisation!
The children will be learning about the orgins of the cocoa bean, the development of chocolate and the tribe as a whole!
During this term we will also take a trip to Cadbury world which I am sure the children (and adults!!) will enjoy thoroughly and engage them even more in our topic work.

Netball and Rounders will be the focus for our P.E this term.

Once again, Thank-you to all parents/carers for your support and continued efforts.


Please use the following websites to help with different aspects of your homework:

Term 3 

In English this term we have been looking at recounts. We have been writing animal diaries based on the text 'Diary of a Killer Cat'. 
We will be moving onto writing Newspaper articles for the rest of the term!

In Maths we have been working extremely hard on addition and subtraction techniques, measures and fractions. We have been having lots of hands on activities such as: measuring our feet and weighing objects from Miss Hendley's cupboards!

Our topic this term is Europe. The children have been researching capital cities, european countries and producing some beautiful homework. Well done to everyone!

We have been looking at Rocks this half term and created our own mini compost bins with live worms! After half term we will be having a visit from Cosmic Chris who will run a workshop on rocks.

The children have been working extremely hard with their Sports this term. They have been learning Basketball, Swimming and Multi-skills. Class 3 attended cooper school last week and had a lot of fun completing various multi-skills activities.


Term 2

During this half term the children have been looking at:
Stories from other cultures and Information Texts.
We have heard the story of 'The Tiger Child' and 'Rama and Sita' - during this unit we created our own story which featured some very interesting plots!

After studying different types of Information Texts the children created a Travel Brochure in pairs.
We decided to go to Lapland to visit Father Christmas - the children had to research the country, provide details of the area and use persuasive language to grab the reader's attention.

In our Maths lessons we have been working extremely hard to produce work on Adding and Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing, Bar Graphs, Time and Fractions!
The children, as always, have been working extremely hard on their maths work and I am very proud of their achievements.

Our P.E focus has been Dance and Gymnastics - the children have been completing wonderful activities in both of these areas. Why not pop into the classroom and see the pictures on the wall of the children completing tricky stretches! 

The children deserve a well-earned rest over the Christmas Period. They have worked tirelessly this term to produce some wonderful pieces of work and as always I am extremely proud of all of their achievements.

Have a safe & happy Christmas!

Term 1

The children have been focusing on the following in their English work this term: 
Stories by same the author - Michael Foreman.
Instructions and Explanations (Focus on gameshows).
Humorous Poetry. 

The children have enjoyed watching Countdown, The Weakest Link and Who wants to be a Millionaire?
They have written instructions on how to play the games, explanations on how each game is played and even designed their own gameshows in groups! 

This work has allowed the children to use bossy verbs, time connectives, first, second and third person and helped to organise their writing into paragraphs and bullet points.

The children have been looking at various topics in their mathematics work, consisting of:
Addition and Subtraction, Place Value and Shape.

The children have been using the counting on method, the partitioning method and the column method to work out their sums. They have looked at word problems and how to overcome these!
They have enjoyed learning these new concepts and are working extremely hard in their maths work.

Our topic work for this Autumn term is: Significant People in History.
In Term 1 we have looked at the Royal Family through out the years and how these individuals have been important in shaping our country. 

The children have learnt about: Queen Anne, King John, Henry VIII, Queen Victoria and
William the Conqueror, Florence Nightingale, Anne Frank and Christopher Columbus.

They have had a go at Tea-staining in order to produce replica 'Magna Carta's', they have taken part in a Debate, wrote a letter to the Queen and learnt about how evil Henry the VIII really was!

Our focus for P.E this term has been Hockey and Football.
It has been a fun experience in every lesson and the children have been working exceptionally hard.
We have a whole class football tournament at Cooper School on 12th October - please wish us lots of luck!!!!

We have had a very, very busy and exciting first term with a very successful Parent's Evening completed!
Miss Hendley is extremely proud of the all the little darlings in her class and looks forward to the next term which will be full of exciting activities!


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